Who is tina arena dating

For the Australian version of the album Arena co-wrote eleven of its twelve tracks – her fellow writers include Mick Jones (of Foreigner), David Tyson, Christopher Ward, Dean Mc Taggart, Pam Reswick and Steve Werfel.The album included her cover version of Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is", originally written by Jones who produced Arena's version.Australian musicologist, Ian Mc Farlane, described it as having a "dance-pop" style. During 1988, Arena appeared as a guest on Australian TV shows recalling her tenure on Young Talent Time and looking for a new record label.In 1990 she had a singing and dancing role in the David Atkins' musical, Dynamite, for a 10-month run.(born 1 November 1967) is an Italian-Australian singer-songwriter, musician, musical theatre actress, and record producer.She is one of Australia's highest selling female artists who, as of July 2014, has sold over 10 million records worldwide.

Also in 2013, Arena participated in the 13th Australian series of Dancing with the Stars, reaching third place behind Cosentino and Rhiannon Fish, respectively.This was an all-important moment in her career." In 1995 she toured Europe, appearing on Top of the Pops, which broadcast to an audience of 60 million people.In the European market Arena was an unknown and a fresh commodity, she opined: "I loved every minute of that – of people not knowing who I was.I guess it was tiring fighting the individual thing.It was good to not be a part of a past and being accepted as an artist.

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