Who is kenny anderson dating

"But I was at such a low frame of mind that I just didn't care what they thought any more." Relieved of his inhibitions, Anderson poured his deepest (and darkest) emotions into visceral songs, flooding them with brutal honesty, unbridled passion and new life. "I told myself, either get your life in order or give up on music.

But I soon realised that the second option wasn't possible. So I had no choice but to make my music work." Anderson embarked on a course of antidepressants.

Recorded with the psychedelic popsters and his new label-mates The Earlies, and featuring old pal Tunstall on backing vocals, the slow-burning album has received critical acclaim. So have his father (a fixture on the local folk scene) and both of his brothers - Gordon helped found Scotland's idiosyncratic popsters The Beta Band before going solo as Lone Pigeon, while Een toils under the moniker Pip Dylan.

But when Kenny's first band, The Skuobhie Dubh Orchestra imploded, his life fell apart.

"We'd literally spent a decade trying to get signed," sighs Anderson.

"All that effort, all those close calls, all for nothing." He shakes his head, the disappointment still raw.

"I wasn't even 30 and I found myself in the midst of a crisis.

"I don't have that kind of luck." With a major label in his corner, Anderson, now in his late thirties, has made his first album in a proper studio, the blistering folk-pop gem KC Rules OK.As the sun breaks through the clouds we settle on a stone bench high up on a hill overlooking the sea."This is one of my favourite spots," smiles Anderson.Tami Roman definitely brought the pain this season of Basketball Wives but whether she is returning or not is still up in the air.Roman chatted with TT Torrez, in the first interview since the Basketball Wives reunion, and talked about everything from Shaunie O’Neal pimpin the cast to whether she stole Kenny Anderson from Spinderella or not.

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