Who is hyori dating

Also in the month of March Hyori stared in one of the leading actors in Davich's music video.Hyori also started to become a model for Black Bean Therapy,a health drink, and she made several CF (commercials).

She has since become the highest-paid female singer in South Korea. L.= Lee started her career as part of the Korean pop . However, there was controversy over the single as the songwriters of ] (Lee did not contribute to the song.) While this incident was not the first time the Korean pop industry has been accused of plagiarism, it was the first time the copyright holder had made a formal complaint.The singer dons shorts, paired with a tank top, captivating those present with her figure.It has been a long time since fans saw the queen in public, as after deciding to choose a simple life with husband, her private life has been very discreet.The commercial differed from the first two in that it featured mostly dialogue.The commercial starred Korean actor and singer trainee Park Bom.

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