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I suppose I preferred the more anonymous ad (I don't even own an Xbox), but the actual browsing experience wasn't all that different.Still, I'm sure people will be happy to know they're being followed around less.In particular, the lack of website icons (favicons) on every tab makes it unnecessarily challenging to navigate when you have a lot of tabs open.As for the rest of High Sierra, the highest praise I can give it is this: I've been using the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system for the past week or so, and I've barely noticed a thing.You have to go to the Safari menubar menu, click "settings for this website," and then find the "auto-play" drop-down to change it.It's fast enough to change once you know where to look, but it took some searching for me to find it.

If you want to be an early adapter of High Sierra for your hackintosh here is what you need to do to safely to do it.

That's not going to create enormous problems for these sites or their subscribers, but I'm sure the companies behind them will be plenty annoyed with Apple.

If you do want to change Safari's behavior here, the toggle is a little bit hidden.

But if you're not using Safari, I'm not convinced this is enough of an improvement to make changing from your browser of choice worthwhile.

There are still too many minor differences that, for me at least, make Apple's browser too difficult to use.

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