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They were so charming and lovely as friends, but had absolutely zero chemistry once they hooked up.It was rough stuff after that and they never fully recovered. Meredith Grey and Callie Torres (Sara Ramirez)A slow-burn friendship forged the moment Callie covered for Meredith when Lady Grey left her unmentionables on the floor of the hospital.At its best, Callie was working around the clock to fix Derek’s hand post–plane crash while he reminded her that she was .As its worst, Derek ditched his and Callie’s miracle prosthetic program to go work for the president.We know how she feels about Amelia, while her relationship with dear, departed Lexie always seemed to stay in the big sister–little sister lane, Meredith and Maggie genuinely seem to enjoy each other and would probably still be buds without the Ellis Grey (Kate Burton) connection.Unfortunately, this easy bond makes the fact that Meredith has been lying to Maggie about hooking up with Riggs much, much worse. Derek Shepherd and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.)Oof, talk about a rocky relationship. Derek Shepherd and Owen Hunt Compared to Preston Burke, Derek and Owen bonding over their Twisted Sisters was much more believable.They did care about each other, but showed it in less-than-great ways. They were never BFFs, but Derek did let Owen live in his trailer.

The gals seem fine these days, and we are all the better for it. The Original Interns: Meredith, Cristina, George, Izzie, and Alex If these guys didn’t work well as a group, we wouldn’t be here getting ready to finish up season 13.

It’s true, Alex had never really gelled with the group (he and George disliked each other to the very end), but the five did have each other’s back as a team.

They stuck together after the LVAD wire cut heard ‘round the world. They helped each other through hookups and true loves and surgical losses.

They weren’t best buds, but their bond was strong enough to survive Callie dating the woman who didn’t exactly kill Derek, per se, but certainly didn’t help the situation. Maggie Pierce and Alex Karev If ever there were a friendship that needed more airtime, it’s this one.

Maggie and Alex only hang out because of Meredith, but their carpool banter is delightful. April Kepner and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson)Bless for never going there with April and Riggs, which the show could’ve easily done after they spent time together overseas. Owen Hunt and Nathan Riggs So much drama with these two!

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