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I thought this was pretty funny, especially with me being a business major. Anyways, back to the story, Santa goes back to his hometown with limited magic.

We're introduced to a frigid principal that has punished Santa's son for displaying some Christmas spirit.

When Scott is trying to explain to Elizabeth that he is Santa, she says "Well, so far so good.

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He has over 270,000 employees in over 50 countries. Li was born in Chaozhou in the Guangdong Province of China, but his family had to move to Hong Kong as a result of the Sino-Japanese.

He had learned the technique of creating artificial flowers that would resemble the real thing.

He hired the best technicians and invited a foreign buyer who was so impressed with the quality of the products that he placed a large order.

The movie started off kind of slow when everything is going smoothly.

Everybody's happy and Santa's meeting with his fellow "legendary figures," which I admit was a fairly funny scene, but this movie just started off kind of boring.

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