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Alex Greenwald, who landed the role of Seth is much more than an actor these days.Greenwald is first and foremost a musician, specifically being the lead singer of the rock band, Phantom Planet. The four main characters were all picked on initially, until they got magical powers.In the 1998 film, The Faculty, Usher Raymond played the role of bully Gabe Santora.Gabe was the captain of the football team and was one of the first to be infected by the aliens that seemed to have infiltrated the campus.

Devin was a funny and not very successful bully, but he gave it his all so we have to give him credit for trying.The Karate Kid would not be the same without a bully like, Johnny Lawrence to push the young karate kid himself to greater heights.The character of Johnny was there to push the karate kid down so that he would be the best of the best.Once we found our list, we wanted to see what these actors are up to now, years from their role as the resident oppressor; you would be amazed at what they look like now.Buzz Mc Callister loved to pick on little brother, Kevin, before their big trip out of town over Christmas.

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