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We would close out the evening by exchanging notes at a quiet wine bar which was just around the corner.Secretly, I was wondering if Jen was bisexual, as that would add an extra element of excitement to our weekend.Our respective CFNM fantasies differed in several ways.Jen wanted to fondle and stroke a well hung gentleman - possibly a black male with a nice spongy erection.Let’s get one thing straight - Jen and I are not CFNM newbies.Being massage therapists, we both come by the Clothed Female Naked Male fetish honestly.We shoot the pictures and video ourselves which means it's unique.

Best of all, Android and i Phone's now have 8MP cameras and HD video, so you can watch all the hot CFNM action in high definition!I would help Jen find her well hung help, and she would help me scout the joint for a cute blond newbie. We each budgeted 0 for 30 minutes worth of full contact action in the Champagne room.Given our respective sex drives, it was important to set limits ahead of time.Mouths are watering at the though of some CFNM blowjob action. As women become more sexually liberated (and agressive), CFNM clubs and sex parties are becoming more and more common.We've got some great sample CFNM pictures and videos for you to enjoy from a brand new Girls Night Out site called - you guessed it - Horny Enjoy!

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