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By the time Freddy returned with his camera there was soapy water everywhere, and soapsuds was on both Samantha and Carly. "We can definitely use this one the show." He then began taping the two teenaged girls as they continued to clean the dog. Freddy glanced down at his watch and was surprised to see the time. "Already." "I got to go get changed first," Carly said as she started heading for her bedroom. As he kept viewing the playback in case of problems he noticed something that got him a bit horny, but he couldn't put a finger on it just yet. Freddy couldn't stop himself from peeking from time to time through his fingers to get another glimpse of his dream girlfriend, Carly Shay. * * * In Freddy's still flustered mindset at eying Carly's goodies for the first time, and Spencer's accident, Freddy completely forgot to shut down the camera and the website. She had never felt so alone as she did that moment.

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So Freddy rushed up to the studio upstairs to retrieve his video camera. "You know..." Carly repeated, waving her arms towards the dog. He was concentrating so hard on his videotaping that his conscious mind wasn't noticing how exposed Carly was getting in a wet T-shirt. "Freddy needed a bath you see, and we've been busy scrubbing all the crud off him." "No, that's not it," Carly jumped in with a giggle. you're showing," he mumbled, covering his eyes with his hand. In her wet T-shirt, her dark aureoles were clearly visible and her aroused nipples were poking provocatively against the now clingy and sheer fabric. Oh Freddy, now you'll have to come right home for a flea bath," his mother said protectively. " Freddy protested as he was being dragged out of Carly's apartment.

When she came back she and Sam gathered buckets so that they could fill the washbasin for the dog's bath. Now with the washbasin full of warm, soapy water Carly tried to cajole the dirty dog into the water. "We're going to get you all nice and clean." "Hey, Freddy, why don't you tape this? "Maybe we can use it for the show later." "Yeah, that's a great idea," Carly agreed. Curious, Sam leaned under the dog and peered under its wet fur. So what if your dog has one." Samantha suddenly scrunched her eyes as she suddenly realized something. After fifteen minutes of the girls washing the dog Freddy was starting to fidget. But he couldn't figure out why he was getting a hard-on now. "You might have noticed that we're not in our studio today." "That's right," Sam added as she pointed to the washbasin in the room. Suddenly Carly's eyes grew wide in shock and embarrassment.

"Oh thank you, thank you, thank you," Carly said cheerfully. She did however decide to keep on her short mini skirt. "Bye, see you later," Carly said as she pecked him on the cheek. " The whole time Freddy never stopped taping as he focused his camera from Carly to the dog. " Carly squealed at her friend's vulgar vocabulary. "I mean all my mom's boyfriends have cocks, I've seen 'em. And as the washing continued, the dog's frequent shaking kept wetting them down from head to toe, with Freddy catching it all in video for their show. He could feel himself getting hard down there, just like he did whenever he thought of Carly at night while jacking off to her. one..." "No, wait," Carly started to protest as he finished counting down, and then they were live. "And we're live on i Carly," Carly said cheerfully. "Showing," he repeated, waving his hand towards the monitor, trying to point blindly at the screen with a blind eye. showing." Carly and Sam looked closer at the monitor.

ICarly: i CU (f-zoo,dog,voy,ncon,cons) by David Oberman ([email protected]) Carly Shay is a beautiful 16-year-old highschool girl who is also the hostess of her own webcast show simply called i Carly. "The dog." "Oh yeah," Sam say as she reaches for the dog and wraps Freddy's belt around it furry neck. Take her to the pound." "I think I'm going to ask Spencer if I can keep her," Carly suddenly declares. Isn't it enough that you allow Freddy inside." "Sam! Along the way Carly had Freddy hold the dog while she went into a nearby Pet store. "Right here..." her brother came rushing out of his ground floor bedroom and stopped in his tracks at the sight of the dirty dog next to his kid sister. " "Oh, this is my new pet," Carly smiled meekly at her big brother. And he recalled how good her fingers felt on his penis.

She stood a mere 5'2", and 95 pounds, but her body was just beginning to make its transition from a girlish figure to that of a woman. She purchased some dog shampoo, food and doggy toys for her soon to be pet. "I think I'm going to call her Bernadette." "Oh no, you don't," Spencer objected. And that recollection was enough of a memory to trigger his lust once more.

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