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Or you can paste the following link into your browser: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth is a turn-based Role-Playing game, where you take the role of a Cyber Sleuth tasked to unravel the mysteries between Tokyo and the cyber space.It was developed by Media Vision, known for their work on the Wild Arms series, Shining Ark and Shining Resonance.Replying to texts does not affect the story in at all.

There are eight sections to choose from, each with a unique icon and background color.

You can only select it, however, if you beat the game at least once and save the clear data.

You can tell if your save is a clear save file when you have the word "Clear! What you get to keep: Digivice (デジヴァイス) is the menu that opens with the "△" button.

My aim in writing this is to help people get through the game easily.

I fully enjoyed this game and would like for others to enjoy it too.

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