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There are many varieties of hybrid schemes, but they can broadly be classed as either mixed benefit or dual-section.

(Sources: The Pensions Regulator's data based on scheme returns, 31 December 2013, ASHE* 2012.

At the point of registration, an occupational scheme provides us with the following information: In addition to registration, we also operate a scheme return process.

This is a statutory requirement, under section 59 of the Pensions Act 2004.

We send scheme return notices to schemes annually or triennially as a reminder to update their details.

We ask for more information for occupational DC trust-based schemes with 12 or more memberships in the scheme return than for smaller schemes, such as scheme leavers amounts, default strategy and decumulation options.

These schemes account for 8% of the total universe of DC trust schemes (where the universe includes all DC and hybrid schemes with two or more DC memberships), but more than 96% of the memberships.

Therefore, all types of DC contract-based provision, both group and individual, are outside of the scope of this statistics release.

Pensioner members are also not included in this data release.

This is because our figures for pensioner members do not necessarily represent the number of members who have retired but remained in the scheme.

Therefore, we cannot be confident that the number of pensioner members represents the total number of retirees from that scheme, including those who transferred out.

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