Dating burn victims

This is a guest post by Virtual Reality developer Hugh Hancock, creator of VR horror RPG Left-Hand Path.I've always had a problem with Arthur C Clarke's Third Law, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.".And they do this by immersing themselves in obscure, difficult learning that on the face of it makes no sense to the average person.They don't need large teams of people or masses of wealth to do these things.And there's a sense of pant-crapping terror as you realise that the things your new ritual summons to eat your foes will cheerfully eat you as well.(Fun fact: horror games are more intense in VR, by some margin.It's only now, as technology finally surpasses magic enough to eat society as a whole, rather than just the beardy guys in the towers studying eldrich tomes, that society as a whole notices the wizards in its midst. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've just released an army of scuttling, gliding, limbless, bodiless eldrich horrors on the general population, and I've got to go see how they're reacting.

Magic is arcane - in the original meaning of the world.They summon and control alien entities called "AIs".They don't always perfectly control those entities. But I can't help but feel, looking at a lot of the media pushback at the moment, that a lot of it is straight-up fantasy novel 101 "Reactions To Wizardry".About a world which is increasingly splitting into those who can wield magic, those who can pay the magicians, and those who just use the things magic enables.Because that's the interesting part: whilst Arthur C Clarke's maxim was true, and all advanced technology was arcane and difficult, these problems didn't occur.

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