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By that time I was hard again and she gave me an even better blowjob.On our wedding night I found out to my surprise that she was a virgin.She was expertly draining every drop as I continued to try to ejaculate more into her. Then she came back into the study with a handful of fifty dollar bills and said \, "I got five hundred dollars, Baby. But I need a drink now." She poured a generous glass of whiskey into her wine glass, and into mine, smiled at me provocatively , and sat on the desk. She pumped and ground on my dick ferociously until I came, and then just sat there panting and smiling at me. " "Damn right it did." Later, after the steaks and more wine and whiskey, we talked about the house we had seen and wanted to buy but didn't have the down payment. She and I had worked out a deal where I would bring her customers for a percentage each night after the meetings.Then she licked me thoroughly again and held my softening penis against her cheek, stroking it and talking to it. "You can fuck me now, Baby." My pants were still dropped and my dick hard, so I concluded the story by giving my beautiful wife, Reba, a fucking like I never had before. Then we talked about my story and how it turned both of us on so much. I gave them the room number and by the time I got there, there were about fifteen guys waiting for me in the lobby.

She had been shopping, and I had been working on writing a story.

I heard her come in the carport door, and opening cabinets as she put away the groceries.

Then I heard glasses clink as she poured us some wine. I'm almost there." "Take your time, Baby," she said as she ducked down and went under the desk.

He almost blew the condom off when he shot his huge load of cum in it.

She admitted that sucking that huge cock really did make her horny and could I get him back again. " She must have, because he rushed up to me the next day and asked me if the blowjob lady would be there again that night.

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