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Now returning from PR, "Trump's Katrina" comparison no longer accurate. At least Bush never blamed & attacked those suffering Vq3— Senator Bob Menendez (@Senator Menendez) September 30, 2017Don Beyer, a Democratic representative from Virginia, noted in a series of tweets that the President had ignored the people of Puerto Rico for days, instead "picking a fight with athletes while a humanitarian crisis grew in Puerto Rico."Amid the criticisms, Trump took to Twitter later Saturday afternoon to praise several Puerto Rican officials, including Rosselló; US Virgin Islands Gov.

Ricardo Rosselló and other officials "who are focusing on continuing to make the steady progress that we are making in Puerto Rico." In the series of early-morning tweets, Trump also lauded the federal government's response on the island, which is still grappling with the devastating impact of Hurricane Maria.We can't establish differences based on politics."While Trump and other administration officials have repeatedly lauded the federal government's response to Maria, some have said that the administration has moved more slowly than it did in responding to the recent storms that battered Texas and Florida.Other critics have drawn comparisons to President George W."And let me stress this, I am committed to collaborating with everybody.This is a point where we can't look at small differences.

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