Backdoor livecam

But for anyone with a Webcam (and Webcams are now built in to many laptops and desktops), the question is whether you are vulnerable to having your Webcam remotely turned on.

The answer is yes, though the newest version of the software used by the district to monitor its computers can no longer be used to activate Webcams or even track stolen computers.

"That allows us to pinpoint the location of the device..then provide the details over to the local law enforcement, who then go in and recover the device." Midgely said the recovery team is made up of former law enforcement officers and that the company has relationships with well more than 1,000 law enforcement agencies across North America.

Midgley said the company doesn't typically use Webcam photography, even if it's available.

It has long been established that consumer webcams are vulnerable to hacking.

Live footage from more than 5,000 unsecured webcams showed up on a Russian website in 2014, a year after researchers uncovered a loophole in Apple's i Sight system that allowed them to hack into some versions of Mac Book laptops and i Mac desktops and disable the webcam indicator LED.

Company policy, according to Midgley, prohibits them for doing that until a police report is filed.

It has not yet confirmed which webcam models are vulnerable, though it said routers, access points, and modems do not use the protocol and thus are not affected.Two of the recovery methods are GPS and Internet Protocol location tracking.Absolute tracks the location of devices every 24 hours, but once a device is reported stolen it increases to once every 15 minutes, according to Midgley.The potential for webcams to be hacked even has Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg worried—he was recently caught covering his Mac's camera with a piece of activating the Webcams 42 times during a 14-month period, claiming that it did so only to track lost or stolen laptops.

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