Amarok keeps updating collection

That should be enough to get the basic function from your IPOD.There is way of improvement needed but as my own programming skills are very low-level I can hardly do something myself at the moment.

If it fails, you could have a look at the end of the article where I put some links.

A bit different are the „IPOD touch“- and „i Phone“ devices which are in general (not completely yet) supported by libgpod, though amarok will have problems with them.

The i Phone / IPOD touch issue Although libgpod (at least from GIT) works with those devices (not perfectly yet, but usable) amarok will have Problems to see them.

you can imagine a list, in a hospital, and someone has written beside some item "keep updated".

it's difficult to construct a good-sounding sentence literally using those two words.

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